Everybody Mad

Everybody Mad

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As much as I strive to be a thug with all the hoes, money and cars one could wish for, I’m not. Therefore, O.T Genasis and his song “Everybody Mad” does not apply to me. I’m just one of the regular folk who finds themselves at work every day. We’re all just trying to pay these damn bills and praying a friend wins the lottery. Either that or out mother’s let us move back into the basement so we can freeload.

Genasis definitely has a hit here with this one. The musical aspect of this song is fire! I live for a song with plenty of bass. I have blown out plenty of speakers in my day. Terri has a bad habit of turning on a “bass booster” every chance I get. The lyrics are words I can’t relate to for obvious reasons, but I love when there is substance in a song. It’s not just materialistic and I can appreciate that. By now, I’m sure you know I love a good music video. It’s not the best I’ve ever seen, but I also don’t have creative in my blood so I can’t talk.


I didn’t hear this song until last week when I watched Beyoncé and her Homecoming documentary on Netflix. I was talking to one of my really good friends last night about our favorite parts and we clicked because her favorite part is when one of the mixes fades into “Everybody Mad” and Bey is killing it on stage. Ever since I heard that song, I blast it on the way to work and pretend I’m actually Queen of the South getting some business done.

When you get a chance, please do whatever it is you need to do to listen to this song if you haven’t already. Which you probably have because I am just late to everything. *Face Palm* this is definitely a great song to get your week poppin’!

Happy Music Monday!

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