Welcome to terriware.com

Welcome to the new and improved terriware.com!

And by new and improved, I mean, it’s been like a year since I have posted on this website haha.

As I enter my 28th year here on earth, I am trying to get back to basics. The simple things Terri enjoys: Reading, relaxing, Netflix, spending time with friends, Sunday brunch and of course writing! When this website was created, there was a much different vision of the direction it was headed. Now that it’s back, I realize, I’m a very interesting person and have “a few” things to say. Through the busy lives we lead, we all have some spare time to grab a cup or coffee (or alcohol, no judgments here) and enjoy a few minutes, here in this space.

So many things have happened since the last post on this website. I cannot wait to get you up to speed with everything and to give readers, new and old, a glimpse into all the current happenings.

I am so excited to welcome you back into my life from a new perspective, mine.

In the age of technology, I have always worried that blogs are no longer exciting. In a world of scrolling and double tapping, do people still read? With that being said, thank you for stopping by to see this bit of cyber space in the world wide web.

Postings are Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Readers can enjoy music, story time, fashion, food, motivational moments and short posts.

Music Mondays – Talks of artists, new and old. Songs currently on repeat and lyrics that speak to me.

Tuesdays with Terri – My diary entries.

Thirst Trap Thursdays – Photos of me on the ‘gram that I hope will show my sensual side but most likely won’t. @terriware

Fashion/Foodie Friday – Great finds of food and clothes.

As always, feel free to social media stalk and shoot an e-mail.

Enjoy all the things you find here!