I Don’t Care

I Don’t Care

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“I Don’t Care” is a new favorite! I LIVE for a good pop song. Ed Sheeran is the ballad king. I have about six of his songs that are already on my wedding playlist. Justin Bieber is one of my favorite voices. His “Purpose” album, along with some other songs are definitely a guilty pleasure.

These two are a combination that definitely work for “I Don’t Care”!

“I Don’t Care” is such a fun song to listen to and the lyrics are very sweet. The instrumental has a way of getting me in a positive mood. When I hear this song, I have to dance around in my room. It’s a feel good song that we all need. There are so many lousy things going on in the world and having this lighthearted love song is the perfect medicine. The first time I heard this song, I was driving with my boyfriend and our friends for a double date. We were all fans. It’s such an easy song, what’s not to love?

This is a song that really reminds me of the beginning of my relationship. Everything was so fresh and the honeymoon stage is always great. You can be having a hard day, but thinking about your person makes everything better. Maybe, you’re at a place that’s not exactly where you want to be, but being next to your significant other takes all the stress away. Seeing their face helps you realize, it’s not that bad.

It’s nice to listen to a song that brings out your smile.

I love a song that spotlights the happy parts of a relationship. Songs that remind you why you love a person so much are great. Sometimes, we go through life and forget about why we fell in love, or set off to have an deeper relationship with someone. For me, I get so caught up in work, bills, cooking, etc. I get so stressed. “I Don’t Care” is a song that puts me back into my happy environment.

This song is three minutes and forty seconds of five out of five stars from me! I hate the music video though, hahaha.

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