Where The Hell Have I Been?

Where The Hell Have I Been?

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She’s Back!


This is a classic case of Terri and the “She can’t commit to anything for longer than 10 to 12 weeks” haha. I have been up to no good in the neighborhood as the cool kids say. I went on two incredible vacations: Norway and Brazil, moved in with my boyfriend, tried to be a fake model, got a promotion, dropped 21 pounds, started back in school for nursing and am living my best life on the bus because my car is falling apart! All while trying to sleep as much as possible.

The only good thing about this hectic lifestyle is that it leaves us with much to talk about on this upcoming season of terriware.com. First things first.

I hope you all have been well

and thank you for coming back to our little spot here in cyberspace!

I have two exciting posts coming up this and next week for a “Travel Thursday” where I’ll try my best to recap my trips. I have a ton of new music that I’ll be rolling out for the next month. Some songs I have found myself and some I heard from my new friends while vacationing in South America. Of course, I have some knowledge to drop for our regularly scheduled “Tuesdays with Terri” because I have great advice, I just don’t take my own.

It feels so good to be writing again, but we’ll see how long this lasts! No matter how long it lasts, it’s nice to know that I have you to come back to. Thank you for reading if you made it this far. I appreciate you.

Fall is here, so let’s kick it off right. But none of that pumpkin spice ish…. It’s disgusting, like avocados and candy corn.


PS. For a peek, check out my Instagram!