Keep Cool

Keep Cool

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If you are looking for a song that will help to wind your night down, I have a song for you! “Keep Cool” by Danish singer, Jada, is a good one for your playlist.

There’s a little something for everyone!

A great mash up of relatable lyrics, vocal range and flecks of R&B vibes for your ears to fancy.

In my opinion, Jada definitely is working to a strong following. I hope to see her in the future gain even more momentum. To be honest, this is the only song I know by her so far. With that being said, I will make sure to continue to dive into her music. The story of a struggle in giving and receiving love is something I think we can all understand. That’s why I love “Keep Cool” so much. I’m sure this girl has many more songs that we could appreciate.

Every time I hear this song, I think about those relationships that don’t quite work out, whether my own or my friends. You meet someone and there’s a spark, that instant attraction. Although it’s there, some force is not cooperating. One party is ready to give their heart and affection and the other party is apprehensive. In the song, “Keep Cool,” Jada soulfully serenades, “I’m the one. Everybody’s here but it’s you that I came for.” That line instant takes me back to high school. And you already know how that story goes.

There is a music video attached to this song that I’m not too crazy about. I think the concept is great but didn’t quite hit the mark. Of course, I’m no music video director, but there were so many opportunities for more diversity of naked women bodies, more fluidity in the bathtub scenes and maybe a light choreographed number in my opinion.

All in all, this is definitely a two thumbs up piece of art. I hope you’ll find the time to listen and tell me what you think!

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