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readIf you need to be liberated, TEMPO. Need some motivation? TEMPO. How about a reminder that you are that b*tch? TEMPO. You gotta smack a hoe?


Where has Terri been? Don’t judge her!

I spend all my time with my boyfriend and he doesn’t own a television or radio (does anyone own a radio anymore?) or any type of electronic that can connect us to the outside world. We basically survive off of Hulu and watch Prison Break, Power and American Housewife.

Definitely not complaining. just saying, if the entertainment life was up to date, I would have found Lizzo a lot sooner. Last week, I hear “Tempo” for the first time and I love it. Her album “Cuz I Love You” is too fire. I wish I could do an album review! Unfortunately, my vocabulary is not that extensive to where I could use a plethora of adjectives to truly speak on how stupendous every song is…see what I did there.

If nothing else, this beat will have you ready to twerk.

The lyrics make happy to be a curvy woman and celebrate myself. I have started every day with this song and it puts ALL the confidence into my body. It’s a thick girl anthem! I just recently watched Lizzo’s interview on the Breakfast Club and she seems so cool and down to earth. I love everything I know about her this far.

Also, there is a feature in Tempo by Missy Elliot and with that being said: I’ve seen all I need to see here. I’ve lived my life. I’ve heard “Tempo” I’m blessed and highly favored. I can retire peacefully and go to heaven with no regrets.

If you remember from one of my previous Music Monday posts, I love me some bass. “Tempo” has all the bass. BRB, going to blow out some speakers.

You Can Find More of Lizzo & Missy Elliot At:

IG: http://instagram.com/lizzobeeating