Wake Up

Wake Up

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“Wake Up” by The Weeknd and Travis Scott, is another great duo that I am a fan of. These two come together for a collab that should happen more often. I was always a fan of The Weeknd and once he cut his hair, ya girl was in love. Travis Scott is, to me, very different and his contribution to music sets him apart from a lot of rappers. I love his style, also.

All around, the rapper behind “Wake Up” has got it!

“Wake Up” is the perfect song to start your day to when it’s foggy outside, cool weather and you are taking your time getting ready for the hours ahead. It is the perfect weekend song for laying in bed cuddled up next to bae (do people still say bae?) just wasting time. This song always slows down the day so you can be in the moment for four minutes.

My favorite line from the song, “When you’re close, I’m alive. I can feel the sky.” It gives off that emotion of being so happy with a loved one and being so content you feel like you are elevating. Any song that can give you that feeling of peace and happiness is more than likely a song saved to my Spotify.

Travis Scott has a really great story of how he rose to fame and success.

I really enjoy listening to music from artists, like himself, who had a rough upbringing and now are a story of triumph. He supports the music community and offers assistance to music artists by providing opportunities. This artist has a slew of nominations under his belt and I look forward to more projects from him! In the meantime, I will be playing out “Wake Up” like I have no other songs to listen to in the morning.

Random fact: John Mayer was one of the producers for this song. FYI: I loved John Mayer back in the day!

You Can Find More of Travis Scott At:

IG: http://instagram.com/travisscott